One thing is certain about curtains... they instantly enhance the style of a room. They bring that certain feeling - a flow of colour, texture and character of the house. Whether your style is country, contemporary, traditional, casual or formal, curtains shall we say, are made for you. This is the business of Hogan’s Curtains and Blinds in Mt Waverley - dressing your windows for best!
Ms. Meng with her highly trained staff in helping people to make their homes beautiful. When it comes to the windows, the source of light and space, you need to consider not only how attractive the blind or curtain will look but also what their functions must be. It is the mixture of the practical and good fashion sense which has to be blended, and of course price has to be considered too. 
Professional advice from the Hogan team ensures that you will enjoy curtains which function well and add considerably to the enjoyment of your home. Not to mention value. Value comes in more than the shape of a dollar. Curtains can be extremely efficient when it comes to keeping the heat in - or out and a visit to any of the power suppliers will demonstrate their insulating value. Curtains also keep out noise and bring that feeling of secure and cosy privacy. All these factors are a part of Hogan’s knowledge and service.
The curtain and blind professionals have also learned techniques to help create the subtle illusion of height and width. Their adaptability also enables curtains and blinds the either highlight a good view or dim an ordinary outlook. So when it’s time to think about dressing your windows, there’s much more to it than you might imagine. We suggest you call on Hogan’s very early in the piece;it may not be a good idea to settle on other colors in the house without considering the form, fabric and hues you hope to convey through your home. After all, there is so much to choose from. It is important you do not choose fabric which will not hang properly because of their weight or quality. Hogan’s Curtains are here to help you avoid expensive decorating errors.
You will notice we haven’t talked much about price. Today’s modern fabrics range from indulgently and beautifully expensive to sensible yet smart and stylish value. This ensures everyone’s budget can be met and matched but our advice is don’t let a tight budget ruin your dream as all can be achieved with good planning and advice.
Valuable advice from Hogan’s Curtains and Blinds -
“When it comes to selling the house, the items high in most buyers’ minds are the window dressings - potential buyers notice quality as quickly as they notice the flimsy, inadequate or just plain cheap drapes and blinds. So, as you spend today, you really are planning to get your money back years down the track”
“When you are moving into a new home, you should arrange the finance to take into account the cost of furnishings. As a rule of thumb, carpets and drapes cost around the same.”
“There is no substitute for skill and experience... we are committed to quality which results in craftmanship at its very best”
Image Credit: Charles Parsons Interiors